Yaz Plus and supplements



Hi there @Dr_Paula

My doctor recently put me on Yaz Plus to help improve my horrible periods and overall hormonal imbalance. I will also be using this as my preferred birth control method. I am currently about halfway through my second pack and have been taking it every day at the same time each day. Prior to starting the pill, I took a Kelp supplement, as well as Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D3 on a daily basis (to assist with my Hypoparathyroidism condition).

I stopped the Kelp supplement immediately as soon as I went on the pill, as I was afraid that it could affect the efficacy somehow. I did ask my doctor about taking supplements while on Yaz Plus, but she said it should not have an effect and was relatively vague in her answer so I am still not sure.

  1. I need to know if I could safely resume taking my regular Kelp supplement, without jeopardizing the effectiveness of the pill for both treating my period issues as well as the effectiveness as birth control?

  2. Also, are there any known interactions with taking the previously mentioned combination of supplements (Kelp, Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D3) while on the pill?

  3. Could having Hypoparathyroidism in general affect the efficacy of the pill?

I would just like to know the facts and risks involved, as I would like to make sure the pill works 100% as it should to regulate my hormones - also I do not want to resume sexual activity if I am not sure about these things.

I would really appreciate some clarification on the matter. Thanks!


Hello @BlueLadyBug93

Many thanks for your questions.

There are no interactions between vitamins and the combined oral contraceptive pill listed in the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health Guidance on interactions. I took a look at what is contained in Kelp supplements and I cannot see anything that will interact - as you say it contains vitamins and minerals only.

There is no interaction between hypoparathyroidism and the combined oral contraceptive pill listed in the guidance either.

Hope helpfull.

Best wishes