Young and desiring sterilisation


Hello i am new here so please bear that in mind.

i have a question around how much front does one get for asking/wanting to be sterilised under the age of 30? would a gp even consider your request/desire or will you be shut down unless it is a medically neccerssary procedure?

the reason i am asking is that i am 25 and i do not want offspring, it is in my best interest to find a perminant solution to my ability to reproduce, however i have read alot that you have to be 30 with offspring or at least 30 to even be considered/heard and i wanted some first hand exsperience from anyone as to the initial appointment as it were.

thank you in advance for answering


Hello @TS3

Apologies for my slow reply.

This is a difficult that comes up a lot.

I think the honest answer is that it is difficult to persuade a gynaecologist to do a sterilisation procedure when you are under the age of 30 years.

The reason is that 1) there are good long term methods of contraception available that could give you the contraception that you need and 2) that a small percentage of people who have sterilisations when they are young subsequently change their minds and regret it. Usually this is when their circumstances have changed - e.g. they are with a new partner who very much wants to have children.

I know that many people find this patronising and feel that they should be able to make their own decision and to be honest I am not sure what the right answer to this issue is.

I am sorry not to be able to be more positive about this.

Many thanks



Thank you very much for replying.

i am glad you were honest and this information will help me. i shall not waste effort in asking for a permenant solution untill having fit the criteria of being 30 years old and prepare appropriately for the ‘circumstances change’ rebuttle.

it is interesting to know that it is not medical reasoning for a doctor to be reluctant to refer a young person for sterilization. i did think that maybe due to the risks associated with surgery that there was more to the age limititation.


Thanks @TS3

I think it is probably because the same people who do the sterilisations (gynaecologists) are also the people who try to do the reversals (usually unsuccessful).

I think this gets everyone thinking - well we did the sterilisation in the first place and now we are failing to reverse it causing unhappiness all round - lets try to be more careful about who we offer sterilisation to in the first place.

At least I think that is the argument.

Many thanks